I’m currently a copywriter for an e-commerce website where my roles include anything from writing product copy and creating engaging email marketing subject lines to writing brand stories and occasion-focused content to drive sales and improve SEO.

Here you’ll find mostly work-related writing posts, with the odd personal post thrown in for good measure. Writing has always been something I’ve loved from the minute I picked up one of those ergonomic pencils way back in nursery. It’s something I enjoy (yes, even spelling and grammar) and it comes naturally to me – hence why I decided to choose English as a degree subject. So it makes sense then, that I’ve now entered into the wonderful world of copywriting and got my foot on the career ladder.

While blogging wasn’t previously a priority due to an abundance of university essays and exams, I spent my spare time trying to pad out my CV as much as possible through work experience. Some highlights have been writing articles for Manchester Confidential for 3 years and copywriting for my Auntie and Uncle’s Christmas Jumper & Onesie business ventures, E & D Creatives. (Thus, while my posts have been bulk-uploaded, they are taken from my own archives from 2011 onwards.) Proofreading essays became something of a strongpoint during my time at university: I was (and am!) the notorious comma queen. I was also the marketing officer for Ellipsis Liverpool and spent a week at VCCP’s Ad School in 2014 which only furthered my interest in writing in the field of advertising and marketing.

My interests are eclectic: anything from cooking to health and beauty, basketball (as an ex-shooter) and music (as an ex-flautist). N.B. Reading may have fallen from this category momentarily, due to elaborate and occasionally laborious reading lists, but I’m sure it will be back up there in the near future.



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