14 Awkward Life Moments We Can All Relate To

Whether it’s getting in the lift with your boss and the inevitable chat about the weather, pushing a ‘Pull’ door with a queue of people behind you or seeing someone you know at the gym when you resemble a red, sweaty lobster, we’ve all experienced those daily face palm moments, haven’t we? So in honour of Awkward Moments Day, we’ve come up with some of our favourites…

1 – When you think you see someone you know…

Alan Partridge Dan


2 – When one glass just isn’t enough…

Finally! A Wine Glass That Fits My Needs!

3 – When you realise your date hasn’t updated their profile in a while…

When you realise your date hasn't updated their profile in a while


4 – When you’ve never filled a notebook faster…

List Of People I Want To Punch In The Face!

5 – Oh the panic…

That Moment You Hand Somebody Your Phone To Show Them A Picture And They Keep Swiping


6 – When you suddenly become a fitness expert…

Novelty Wooden Exercise Block

7 – When you instantly go from a 9 to a 3

When You Accidentally Open The Front Camera


8 – Enunciate, people!

Exercise? Oh I Thought You Said Extra Fries!

9 – *cue painful small talk*

Cue Painful Small Talk


10 – When your crockery knows you better than you do…

Big Mistake Plate

11 – When the hairdresser asks if you’re happy with it…


12 – When you get that desperate…

Diamond Ring Plaster

13 – When you’re two hours into a meeting at work…


14 – When someone asks how your juice diet is going…

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Hip Flask

About Laura Scott

I'm a 22 year old copywriter working for an ecommerce website based in Manchester.

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