What Happens 2 Hours After The Dog Destroys The Christmas Tree


My ears prick up. They’re home and they’re going to see what I’ve done. I’d better greet them with my waggiest tail and best sad eyes. They’ll never suspect it was me…

I stalled them with stroking me for as long as I could. They’re walking into the room with the big comfy things that I’m not allowed on (but nap on when they’re not in.) Oh no, they’ve seen it.

She keeps saying, “who’s done this?” and pointing at my giant new tree toy. She must think I didn’t do it if she’s still trying to find out who did. Phew! I celebrate with a tail wag.

So, I’ve been banished to the back garden. If she knew it was me all along, why did she keep asking? I’m pressing my wet nose up against the window and I can see them playing with my toy. Why are they standing it up again so I can’t get to the top? I start whining in protest.

I can smell meat. I’m dribbling everywhere. It looks like something they call turkey. I hope I’ll still get leftovers. I wish I’d never played with the tree.

The whining wasn’t working so I started scratching the door too and they finally let me back inside! I barely glanced in the direction of my tree toy and my human shouted “no” really loudly and started wagging her finger at me. I’m obviously not going to be interested in the tree when there’s left over turkey to beg for.

Mmmm. Human food is so much better than dog food. It’s time for a quick nap. Hopefully I’ll dream about catching next-door’s cat again.

I wake up and my humans are asleep, but I want to play. I think I left my toys in the garden. Well it looks like I have no choice but to play with my new tree toy!


About Laura Scott

I'm a 22 year old copywriter working for an ecommerce website based in Manchester.

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