Top 10 Fun & Unusual Wedding Gifts


Sometimes it’s nice to do something out of the ordinary, isn’t it? Maybe you sported a radical hairstyle many moons ago or perhaps you decided to have a career change? You can almost guarantee that it’s the impromptu decisions in life that create memories you won’t forget. (Whether you want to or not!)

Choosing a wedding gift is no different, really. There’s that age-old dilemma when you’re queueing at the till, torn between something traditional and something that might raise a few eyebrows! You want a gift that’s memorable (and that they’ll love!) but this can be tricky. There’s often a fine line between something out of the ordinary and something inappropriate when it comes to wedding presents. It’s probably for the best you left that X-rated board game on the shelf…

Don’t fret – because we’re here to help with your wedding gift woes! We’ve done the thinking for you and compiled a list of fun wedding gifts that we hope will put a smile on their faces:



Mug Gift Set - I Do & I Do As I'm ToldNow, you might think that a set of mugs isn’t the most original idea for a wedding gift. The happy couple will probably be inundated with fine bone chinaware, right? Bear with us – these aren’t any ordinary mugs! Made from bright white porcelain, we don’t think their early morning cuppas will ever be the same again. After all, what better way to wake up than next to their one true love, sipping tea in unison, tucked up in their new king-size bed? One mug reads ‘I Do’ and the other reads ‘I Do As I’m Told’ in a stylish black font – but we’ll let you decide who gets which one!


From £15.99

Star Wars Salt & Pepper ShakersAfter a long day at the office, it’s nice to come home to your sweetheart and have dinner together, isn’t it? What better way to unwind than tucking into a home-cooked meal over flickering candlelight? But wait, just as you’re about to chow down you realise you’ve forgotten to get the salt and pepper out! Your romantic soirée is temporarily postponed whilst you dash into the kitchen to find them…

We know that when it comes to salt and pepper shakers, they can be a bit run of the mill. Out of sight, out of mind, right? But they do make a great wedding gift, and we’ve got the father of all seasoning mills! We think your newly-weds will definitely want to “Leia” their hands on our Star Wars-themed shakers! R2D2 and R2Q5 are sure to be a welcome addition to any sci-fi fanatic’s dining table.



Note Me PillowThey say home is where the heart is, and homeware can be a fail-safe category when it comes to buying wedding gifts. Everyone loves comfort, right? After the wedding, when the newly-weds have some down time, we imagine they’ll relax on the sofa and watch their favourite series. Probably with a blanket to snuggle in and a few cushions tucked behind. Maybe even one to rest their adjoining hands on? Or how about a cushion they can decorate with romantic poetry and love notes? (Yes, you did hear us correctly.)

Our Note Me cushion is rewritable, meaning the lovebirds can sketch and scribble whatever they like onto the cushion. Forget whispering sweet nothings, with this cushion they can write them! And it might also come in handy to remind a certain someone to put the toilet seat down…



Harness Sphereing for TwoWeddings are an unforgettable experience, aren’t they? A time for family and friends to come together as the happy couple pledge vows of health and happiness. Witnessing two families being joined by matrimony – we’re welling up just thinking about it! So, it only seems fitting that you would gift the happy couple something that’s equally as unforgettable…

That’s right. We’re talking an experience day, and not just any experience day – Harness Sphereing! The happy couple will already be in that honeymoon period bubble, so we imagine that they’ll love getting strapped into the Sphere and rolling down a hill at 30mph with their new spouse, right? They can even hold hands! It promises to be an exhilarating ride, and one we hope they won’t forget!



Personalised Notebook - Adventures of A Married CoupleWe all have a bucket list of things we really, really want to do in life, don’t we? Maybe it’s meeting the love of your life or perhaps it’s having a lavish wedding? But wait, what happens if you’ve recently accomplished your to-do list? You’ve been swept off your feet by a certain someone and the wedding was a raving success. Now the fun starts, of course! What better than to start planning a joint bucket list as newly-weds, as they embark on their new chapter together? Our personalised notebook will be a welcome wedding gift to budding list makers! They’ll be eager to start penning their adventures right away…


From £3.99

Personalised Super Kiss Comic Style PrintWhen you’re at a wedding, what’s your favourite part? Maybe it’s the flower girl looking cute as a button? Perhaps you get teary-eyed at the exchanging of vows? Or maybe it’s the grand finale and their first kiss as newly-weds? When it comes to buying a wedding present, it’s nice to gift them something to remind them of their big day, isn’t it? If the bride and groom are crazy for comics, why not immortalise their first kiss with our comic-style print? The print features a superhero locking lips with a lucky lady and the bold pop art design is sure to be a real head turner wherever it hangs. Personalise your print with a message and be as creative as you like…



My Side Your Side PillowcasesWhen it comes to bed time there are a set of rules to abide by, right? In a perfect world couples sleep side-by-side, probably holding hands and breathe in sync with absolutely no interruptions as they drift into a dream about their other half…

Yet in reality, there’s usually a rogue elbow to the face, some snoring and the dreaded bed hogging. Thus, the rules of bed time have to be enforced (and usually forgotten about the following night.) While we can’t help with the snoring part, we can help with the bed hogging! Make it loud and clear where the bed divide lies with our set of pillowcases. One pillow reads ‘My Side’ and the other reads ‘Your Side’ with one side significantly larger than the other! A great wedding gift for couples having some spatial awareness issues…


From £26.99

Personalised Indoor Door MatDecorating your new house with your soon-to-be spouse is an exciting time, isn’t it? You probably can’t wait to titivate the place up with new furniture and trinkets. And everyone needs a door mat, right? Yet it can be easily overlooked as merely a practical item that keeps your shiny new carpet free from dirt. A doormat is usually the first thing you see when you walk into a house and as we all know, first impressions count! So it’s time to up the ante and make a statement with your doormat. If you’re struggling to think of a wedding present that won’t be returned as a duplicate or get left in a cupboard, our personalised door mat will be right up your street!


From £29.99

Personalised 'We First Met Here' Postcode JigsawCan you remember where you met your other half? Did you lock eyes on the busy commute to work? Maybe it was at a singles night at your local pub? Or perhaps you bumped into each other on the sticky dancefloor at your favourite club? Wherever it was, we know that you’ll always hold the location near and dear to you – however glamourous it was! You’ll never want to forget the place where you found the missing piece to your puzzle…

And we can’t think of a better way to remember that moment than with our postcode jigsaw! Personalise it with the special location for a great wedding gift! Friday nights in will no longer be the same…



Personalised Chocolate Bar - My Half Your HalfIn marriage, they say what’s mine is yours. But then there’s chocolate. When you’re snuggled on the couch watching a film with your fiancé, it’s nice to share a bar of chocolate, isn’t it? And we know that when it comes to chocolate, there’s no such thing as a 50/50 split. It’s inevitable that somebody will always get more and this usually results in the appearance of a bottom lip! So we’ve thought ahead with our personalised chocolate bar that’s clearly divided into ‘My Half’ and ‘Your Half’ and avoids any tantrums (we hope!)


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