Cake Makes You Happy – It’s Official!*


Fluffy sponge + jam + butter cream icing = complete happiness? We delve into the question on everyone’s lips!

With its uplifting theme tune, frequent punning and an array of baked goodies, it’s no surprise that a certain baking show has become a work of wonder for Wednesday night TV! Yes, it may be pouring with rain outside and you might be feeling a little frazzled from work, but when you hear those dulcet tones and are suddenly captured by a certain judge’s piercing blue eyes, it’s time to settle down with a cuppa (and cake!) for the latest sugary instalment.

So it’s really no surprise then that that show is going from strength to strength! Not only that, research from Country Living, shows that there’s been a huge, £1.7 billion pound surge in sales when it comes to all things baking-related – proving that baking now appeals to the masses and no longer has an over sixty age requirement! According to The Independent, the first episode of series five racked up a whopping eight million viewers when the show switched to BBC One and the show’s social media presence has also been praised. Research by Econsultancy in 2013 recorded 156,000 baking-related tweets in one episode alone, which we can only assumed has increased in leaps and bounds as social media has continued to develop.

So the question on everybody’s lips then: can baking make you happier? There is much evidence to suggest so, and who can deny that tucking into a fluffy cream cake doesn’t give them some, albeit temporary, satisfaction? While the end products may be calorie-laden, that doesn’t mean that a treat now and again won’t put a smile on your face!

Speaking to Stylist, John Whaite, winner of series three in 2012 openly spoke about his battle with depression and how baking helped him through it, “You can turn the destructive into the creative just by stirring some sugar and eggs. Working through the steps of a recipe in a methodical way means you don’t have time to concentrate on everything else that is whirring through your mind.”

There’s something therapeutic about the whole process of baking, isn’t there? (Well, maybe not the washing up!) Being able to share your culinary creations with family and friends at home, work or even a bake sale is a great thing, and the show certainly emanates that feeling.

Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or are partial to a savoury snack, the end result of baking is a sure fire way to create a slice of happiness!


1. It’s a sweet treat

After a meal there’s nothing quite like cutting a slice of homemade cake to enjoy with a cup of tea, is there?

2. Sharing the pleasure with family and friends

The sound of ‘mmms’ and ‘aaahs’ across the board is all part of the baking process (and has you mentally assigning yourself that coveted star-related award, naturally!)

3. It’s therapeutic

The process of meticulously measuring ingredients is a chance to put your daily stresses behind you and focus on the recipe!

4. The feeling of satisfaction

Tackling a particularly long recipe with the end product being compared to your Grandma’s leaves a resounding smile on your face!

5. Home-cooked goodness

Whether it’s a batch of bread or brownies, there’s a distinct different between manufactured and home-cooked produce, isn’t there? We know which one we prefer!

6. It takes us on a trip down memory lane

Visiting your grandparents for a home cooked meal, tucking into gravy filled pies and devouring sweet sponge and custard. Our stomachs are rumbling just thinking about it!

7. A way to relax and unwind

Coming home from work and unleashing your tension with an electric whisk can have a similar effect to a boxing session at the gym. Aaand relax!

8. Unleash your creativity

Adding a sprinkling of this and a dusting of that allows for you to put your creative spin on a recipe.

9. Gain a new skill

Buying that daunting cookbook with the ingredients you’d never heard of pays off in the end. Now you can dare them to give you a cuisine you can’t rustle up!

10. You get to eat it!


About Laura Scott

I'm a 22 year old copywriter working for an ecommerce website based in Manchester.

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