11 Ways To Avoid A Valentine’s Day Disaster


1 – If you’re venturing out into the restaurant world to take advantage of Valentine’s Day deals, book a table early.


2 – And remember to choose wisely… or face their hangry wrath.


3 – Or worse, risk running into an ex at your favourite restaurant. Awkward.


4 – If in doubt, just order a takeaway and veg on the sofa. Fool-proof.


5 – Even if you’ve agreed not to do gifts this year. Always. Buy. A. Gift. (And make it a good one…)


6 – And remember, the golden rule of Valentine’s Day gift buying is to think outside the box.


7 – What do you do if you thought outside the box and they still hated your gift? Just smile and nod…


8 – And should they question why you’ve gone against your mutual non-gift agreement, prepare to backpedal…


9 – FYI: Plying them with wine won’t make them love said gift any more…


10 – You just run the risk of the night ending like this:

11 – In summary: If the thought of getting Valentine’s Day all wrong sends shivers down your spine, treat it like just another day. (But still buy a back-up gift.)



About Laura Scott

I'm a 22 year old copywriter working for an ecommerce website based in Manchester.

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