11 Hilarious Valentine’s Facebook Posts You Need To Share


1 – For the one who’s priceless (literally)

2 – Because nothing screams romance like 2-4-1 on main courses

3 – We wouldn’t count on it…

4 – Always remember, it could be worse

5 – Warming hearts (and toes) since day one

6 – We said almost…

7 – A couple who binge-watches together stays together…

8 – It’s not official unless it’s Facebook official…

9 – It’s almost unbelievable…

10 – That’s sweet. But seriously where’s my card?

11 – What a treat!


About Laura Scott

I'm a 22 year old copywriter working for an ecommerce website based in Manchester.

One comment

  1. haha the last one was really brilliant!

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