A Guide to: Dry January

IS it just me, or is everyone immersed in Dry January?

Why you’d want to rule out the only thing making this month bearable is actually beyond me. January is the month where we re-evaluate our lives, decide on some ludicrous (and unattainable) resolutions and sign up to a three-figure gym membership.

On top of all that, we’re willingly padlocking the spirit cupboard and buying BOGOF teabags all in the name of detox? The world has gone mad.

Of course, we all have those few ‘dry’ days after Christmas and New Year where the mere mention of an Advocaat (glacé cherry optional) makes our livers shrivel – that’s a given. Those days when the hangover cloud still looms, however, doesn’t mean for the next 20-odd days you’ll be able to keep it up, post headache. That’s when the real test comes.

The only part of my January which has been dry so far was the yearly bout of flu which had me couch-bound for the best part of a week. That and the fact I had exams looming. So while I was – begrudgingly – writing up notes and sipping hot lemon and honey, the rest of the population were sipping alcohol-free alternatives voluntarily. You’re definitely not alone though.

Approximately 35,000 people have signed up for Cancer Research’s Dryathlon and if charity won’t motivate you to put down your glass of red then I don’t know what will. Well actually, for all you Instagram-ing hipsters, there’s Drystagram, where you can upload a picture of your cup of tea in your favourite quirky china tea cup with your favourite sepia filter setting at your favourite jaunty angle.

It may seem like I’m cynical about Dry January but that’s not the case (head over to Drinkuary.org for a real counter argument). I’m all for people having a drinking detox but sadly there seems to be a lot of people getting on their high horse about the whole débâcle.

It’s dividing the nation – the Drystagramers and the Detoxers versus the er, Alcoholics. The Detoxers are the tightest of cliques, sticking together with their fruit teas and remaining indoors – be it at home or getting the most out of their new found gym membership. The Drystagramers are out at the bar ordering a bottle of Schloer whilst simultaneously tweeting about ‘no hangover lol’ and adding yet another jaunty photo along with several smug hashtags – er #leaveitout. And the Alcoholics… need I say more?

So for those of you who’ve sold your souls and livers to a 240 pack of green tea this month, fear not, you’ve less than a week to go. You’re feeling trimmer after losing a few pounds and you’ve saved some too not having to buy Anadins by the dozen. Better still, your would-be drinking fund has piled up nicely, so save it for something nice.

A night on the lash on February 1? Sounds like a plan.


About Laura Scott

I'm a 22 year old copywriter working for an ecommerce website based in Manchester.

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