A Guide to: Christmas Jumpers

IF you were to have read this title ten years ago, you’d probably have inwardly groaned as you envisaged a bright knitted number made by your Grandma that was either massively too big or hugged you in all the wrong places.

These days it’s a whole new ball game. Despite being embarrassing in the past, Christmas jumpers have become something of a fashion statement. This year, you can’t walk into the Arndale without seeing the likes of Topshop and New Look, even, having jumped on the jumper bandwagon. Festive knits are no longer the internet sensation they started out as. There’s even Christmas Jumper Day just around the corner on December 13 all in aid of Save the Children. The world is going bonkers for Christmas jumpers. Who knew?

So what’s changed? Why has something we used to internally turn our noses up at and externally flash that false smile at now turned into what can only be described as a Christmas jumper frenzy?

Maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with our growing love of all things retro and vintage. We’re often raiding our Gran’s wardrobes for a hidden gem, so it was only a matter of time before we came across that old knitted number in our own wardrobes and donned that – all in the name of vintage. The louder the better, it seems. Or maybe it’s just because the weather’s getting colder each year and we’re being frugal by recycling some old gaudy knitwear, passing it off as trendy.

Google ‘Christmas’ and the suggested search adds the ‘jumpers’ for you. Naturally, the top retailers rank at the top with the likes of George, M&S and even Peacocks (yes, remember them?) advertising their take on the classic Christmas jumper.

I’ve done the leg work and picked out where you can go to get the top ten jumpers available to you this (increasingly cold) Christmas.

1. http://www.christmasjumpercompany.co.uk

With its unique name come some unique jumpers. Loud and proud comes to mind – the jumpers tick all the boxes for having that retro look yet still managing to achieve the cheese-factor, complete with googly-eyes and bobbly nose. A bit pricier than what other retailers are offering but they do look the part. They’ve even been papped on some notable celebs too – Fearne Cotton, Paddy McGuinness and even the Schofe to name but a few and it’s really no surprise why. And they’re based in Manchester – winner, winner.

2. http://www.play.com

What can only be described as a brilliant effort, Play.com offers the ‘Funny Value Jumper’ (the irony being it’s the dearest jumper on there) but it’s worth it just for the daftness and the laughs you’d get. I’d vouch for at least four. They also have a more on-trend range, which are pretty purse-friendly. They’ve even got a “Geek” Christmas jumper combining all sorts of trends in one – and it’s got a pom-pom nose. Result.

3. http://www.cheesychristmasjumpers.co.uk

The jumpers (and pictures) live up to their name. A bit of a ‘his n hers’ thing going on here. Fair Isle is the recurrent theme, but the LED flashing lights swing it for me being especially OTT (though you pay the price for it). They also do a cheaper range of sweatshirts which works out if you’re trying to kit the whole family out and certainly saves your Gran from getting RSI due to her fervent knitting.

4. http://www.clothingattesco.com

Tesco has come up trumps with their selection of Christmas jumpers. This one I choose purely based on the humour-factor – that and the fact it’s a bit close to the bone – though there are other more classic jumpers on offer if you’re opting for fashion rather than farce.

5. http://www.marksandspencer.com

Bonus points for the slogan, the ‘Oh Deer’ jumper is the essence of cool sporting a reindeer in shades. Yes, shades. Just a shame they only do it in kids sizes. The adult ones are more on the fashion side – so if it’s daft you’re looking for you might have to squeeze into an 11-12 (or go elsewhere.) They also have a cashmere range for those of you who are a bit more wadded. And naturally because this isn’t just any Christmas jumper, this is an M&S jumper.

6. http://www.sportsdirect.com

Perhaps a surprising one – no, Nike hasn’t designed a range of festive tracksuits – but the ‘UK’s Number One’ has also got their finger in this festive pie. They have a fashionable range of Fair Isle and cheesy, and the bonus is they come with the Sports Direct prices (and without the sports brand – cos that would be a bit too far.)

7.  http://www.asos.com

You can always count on ASOS to deliver trend and a bit of cheek (as well as some very good looking models) The statement ‘Ugly Christmas Jumper’ does what it says on the tin, ticks the Fair Isle box as well as the witty one, and the irony being the model is far from ugly. There’s also a pug jumper with antlers which is a firm winner with dog/pug lovers.

9. http://www.crazygrannyclothing.com

Aptly named, in honour of all our crazy Grandmas, the jumpers are bright, bold and everything you’d expect from a Christmas jumper. The styles are also as you’d expect with classic appearances from Santa, Rudolph, penguins and a snowman with the classic colourings too.

10. http://www.christmasjumpers-uk.co.uk

Though the name isn’t exactly catchy, if you’re after a Christmas jumper that’s busy, then here’s the place to go. There’s hardly room for the colour on the jumper. With both a men’s and women’s range – the female models are a bit raunchy, it has been noted (which is a bit weird) they’re cheap and cheerful and there’s no doubt you’d be the centrepiece of any festive party.



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