This Weekend

Now, don’t go thinking this is going to be some fun-filled standard student tale of the wonderful weekend I’ve had.

It isn’t.

It’s how I spent the weekend at uni – with my flatmates and friends in close proximity at home for their half term – doing everything but uni work and resisting the urge to go home myself.

Since it’s only a train or National Express ride home (one hour tops)  it’s no secret that on previous weekends I’ve found myself at home where there’s a fire and a Sunday dinner on offer to me. Especially when Grandma is always as pleased to see me as she would be if I’d returned from a year abroad.  When it’s actually been five days.

When I say  ‘This Weekend’ by the way, I mean, from 3pm on a Thursday till whatever time I doze off on Sunday. And since I only had a four-hour shift at work to break my Saturday up, I was really really really really bored.  The saddest thing was that I’d already finished all series of ‘The Royle  Family’ (sob) even the one-off episode where Nana dies (a lot more sobs) before the weekend had even started. So my source of enjoyment was what I could have for tea that didn’t take more than washing up one plate to make. (It was a chicken kiev if you’re interested.)

My biggest problem on Friday was that putting one episode of Gossip Girl on as ‘background noise’ to read Henry IV to resulted in being on episode seven by tea time with Shakespeare unopened. And then when 8pm came and I got the Friday Night Itch to go out, I had to log into my bank account to see that the price of drinking and socialising was a price I couldn’t afford. So instead I spent an hour on the phone to my friend and then read Heat magazine – even the boring Taylor Swift- Harry Styles article.

So Saturday came, after a lie-in, with the intent of re-opening Shakespeare. Unfortunately, while eating breakfast I caved to Gossip Girl once again and decided to ‘give myself a break’ because ‘it’s Saturday’ and I had work later. Which I did. And its safe to say that after I got in, I was in bed by 10pm watching episode eleven.

And then there’s today. You’ll be glad to know I’ve only watched two episodes and I’ve read three acts of Henry IV. Which is a start. The rest of the day was spent on the phone – fifty minutes with my brother (surely a record) where I pretty much retold the whole of this. Factor in the daily chat with Mum and it was soon tea time where  I made a half-hearted  roast (and mess) in under half an hour.

This is all as uninteresting to me as it will be to you. But the good news is I saved myself a tenner by not going home.

So there is a silver lining to my sheer boredom. 


About Laura Scott

I'm a 22 year old copywriter working for an ecommerce website based in Manchester.

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