Not your average Wednesday

This semester, I’ve been given the gift of time.

Wednesdays and Fridays are lecture and seminar free – something I thought would be a good thing. (It probably will be in later weeks but since it’s only Week 4, work load is pretty low). Hence why a lot of the time I’m Skyping Mum at tea time – still in my pyjamas – fervently expressing my boredom and growing hatred for the four walls of my flat.

So anyway, despite having been home at the weekend and only saying ‘bye’ to her on Monday morning when she dropped me off at the train station, Mum decided to come up to Liverpool on my day off, because, coincidentally, so was she.

We planned to have a clichéd, typical mother-daughter day where everything was rosy. And we did. Though we weren’t so typical. After a quick brew in the confinements of my four walls, we went on our merry way out into the Baltic winds of Liverpool.

We don’t really do the whole shopping thing often, but when we do it’s a bit of a blowout. Obviously, one-shop Mum was done and dusted (though we only realised five hours later) when we, by chance, stopped in Wallis. We also did that annoying thing where the first shop we went into we didn’t buy straight away with the “come back later if we haven’t seen anything better” mantra. Granted we went hurrying back to get it at twenty-past five when we were running out of time trying to squeeze everything into the space of about eight hours.  But hey, all in the name of fun.

Shopping done (and by done I mean having only bought two of the four things on our list) we went to make the most of being Orange customers opting for ‘This is 40’ – and judging by the opening ‘shower-sex’ scene, we were in for a, erm, treat. Sadly that was the only (mild) nudity scene, the rest involved two and half hours of day-to-day – if a little farfetched – events in ‘Mike from ‘Friends’ marital home.

And then, thanks to a 40% off voucher I found for Cafe Rouge, we enjoyed a two-course meal post film with a bottle of house red – the conversation growing more philosophical with every slurp.

So it was great. Better than another pyjama day reading Shakespeare anyway. 



About Laura Scott

I'm a 22 year old copywriter working for an ecommerce website based in Manchester.

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